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Body Desintegration, 2013

Video instalación
Anthology Film Archives, 2013

JustMad, Madrid, 2018

Video installation

Vilém Flusser points out that we are facing a post-human era that leads us to technological relations governed by the apparatus. In this post-human context the other is represented in a technical way, through a mathematical language, obscured.


The gesture of "Body Disintegration" expresses the state of a body without organs that disappears, that is increasingly invisible, that cannot be touched. The figure becomes a virtual ghost that functions as a technological presence that floods the screen. The virtual not only complicates but also distorts the division between the body, the mind and the "I". In the non-corporeality, matter is no longer needed and the individual can participate separately from it. Ultimately this is related to a sense of detachment from the physical body. The silhouette approaches and moves away from the electronic device that records the movement. Through effects generated by computers, narratives are constructed about the conversion of our organism into another type of matter. The image works as a symptom, a symbol, a signifier, a significant one.

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