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The act of seeing, 2016

“The gaze is a great bridge of interconnection between the interior universe and the exterior one; the gaze is
an active and cultural process in itself and not a passive phenomenon.”
“The gaze is in itself an act of value, as the gaze is followed by the understanding and inevitably leads to
commitment, which is the essence of freedom."


José Luís Merino


The act of seeing and spying the reality through a window was already described by Hitchcock in the movie
Vertigo. This multichannel video is presented through three windows where reality is observed. Time is given
to see certain details beyond the simple act of looking. Shadows, textures, environments, colors, sounds and
movements change their character depending on how the act of looking is performed. The screens represent
the words of a journal and the windows the pages in which memories are printed enhancing the simplicity of
the ordinary and of the day to day.

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