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Planas Archive iterations

What Martin Parr would have seen, 2018

What Martin Parr would have seen, 2017.

Arrangement of 18 images. Enlarged details of postcards.


Fons Arxiu Planas

For the construction of this series, I have chosen 18 details from among 30,000 postcards belonging to the Planas Archive. In these images from the 1960s, the tourist is glorified and provokes an innocent sympathy. These are years in which economic growth and openness are seen with happy eyes and radiant images are generated. The blurring of the figures, caused by the weft that appears when tiny details are enlarged, causes the faces of the tourists portrayed to lose definition, a fact that emphasizes the anonymous nature of the visitors. The massification of the millions of people who visit the islands year after year causes these people to be perceived as a phenomenon rather than as individuals. These images represent everyday scenes from the tourist's day-to-day life, whom we do not perceive in any other way than this: in a bikini, on the beach, or at the swimming pool.

Lo que hubiese visto Martin Parr_01.jpg
Lo que hubiese visto Martin Parr_03.jpg
Lo que hubiese visto Martin Parr_02.jpg
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