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Planas Archive iterations

Balearic Hotel Taxonomy, 2017

Archive Planas.  

Shown in collective exhibition "Ciutat de Vacances" in Contemporary Art Museum Es Baluard, 2017

The postcards belong to the Arxiu Planas. The panel is an arrangement based more on the construction of meanings rather than the construction of forms. The use of the panel refers to the seriality of the photographic file and underlines the idea of the reproducibility of the medium. The structural order of the archive understood as an infinite multiplicity and its desire for a total understanding, contain some principles that configure its formal organization establishing typologies and chronologies.

The arrangement of the images of Mallorca is organized in alphabetical order, following the idea of indexation and the idea that language is behind all images. The approach of linking the alphabet with the file is given by the necessary organization to establish an order that will result in a Balearic Hotel taxonomy of a bygone era.

This is intimately related to Aby Warburg's Atlas and its willingness to organize knowledge. The result is an archive that generates an authority establishing a regularized system equipped with a registration mechanism. But at one point the alphabetical order of these postcards will give way to the random combination with reference to one of the processes by which the memories appear. Followed by this system based on chance, the postcards are then distributed in semantic units like for example colon blue (so characteristic of the Balearic image).

Es Baluard, Palma,  2017

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