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Planas Archive iterations

The Inventor of Paradise, 2018


The Inventor of Paradise, 2018

A theatrical (dramatic) tour by (through) the Planas Archive

A creation of Marc Caellas & Esteban Feune de Colombi

Performers: Marina Planas, Eduard Moyà, Marc Caellas & Esteban Feuné de Colombí.

Archive Planas

Casa Planas presents a familiar biodrama directed by Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombí.  It’s about a site-specific theatrical piece taken place at the photographic archive of Josep Planas and where a reduced number of spectators are guided on a tour around the rooms by Marina Planas (granddaughter of the photographer). The objects they stumble upon string the memories of a life dedicated to the image together. On her way she encounters a detective, Professor Eduard Moyà, who investigates a poetic crime: the creation of a paradise that is currently collapsing due to tourism excesses. Family anecdotes, travellers’ stories, artistic installations and old photographs make up a unique experience.   

Note: Once ended these visits the Archive will be moved under the sand of the Antofagasta desert for a better conservation. 

Marc Caellas: Writer, drama director and cultural projects curator which join literature, drama and contemporary art. Following this approach Marc has curated various cycles/meetings such as: 10 years of living arts at the MUSAC (2015); El estómago de los escritores, Kosmópolis (2015-16) and No todo va a ser hablar,Caixaforum(2016).

Esteban Feune: poet, actor, photographer, editor and performer. In 2018, within the framework of La Noche de las Ideas (Ostende and Mar del Plata, Argentina), he performed the maritime performance Himno al mar and premiered in Reykjavik (Iceland) the performance Ajo The Things (Tangier) together with the American Erinen Honeycutt. 





Marc and Esteban created the La Soledad Company in Bogotá in 2011, focused on traveling, performance and site-specific scenic proposals. Both of them created together the ideas and production of each project: Caellas directs, Feune de Colombi acts. They turned the novel El paseo, by the Swiss Robert Walser, into a work "of theater on foot" “of theater at street level (no se a cual corresponde literalmente en ingles)that they has been represented since 2012 in the streets of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Bogotá, San Pablo, Havana, Mexico City, Madrid and Barcelona, at festivals such as Fringe (Madrid), TNT (Terrassa), Filba (Buenos Aires) or Kosmópolis (Barcelona), together with institutions such as the University Museum of Chopo (Mexico), the Aecid (Spain) or the Museum of Fine Arts (Argentina).

Eduard Moyà is a professor and researcher at the UIB. His field of study is the literature of British travels to the Balearic Islands, fruit of which is born his book Journeys in the Sun: Travel Literature and Desire in the Balearic Islands (1903-1939). Currently he participates in the project Tourism and performativity of local identity(HAR2017-83005-R)ofth UB.

Piece developed for the Art Investigation Program promoted by Casa Planas Creation Center.

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