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Planas Archive iterations

Dialectics in tourism records. The bureaucratic dimension of breathing life into a file, 2018

Tastart, Porreres, 2018

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Video sound installation composed of a loop video 03:39min.
Audio that comes from separate speakers.
Text by Hal Foster, "An archival Impulse"

Video composed of a selection of details from among 20,000 postcards that can be found in the Arxiu Planas. From the speakers emerges a mechanical voice that enunciates the discourse on the agony of the artist or the professional of the culture when trying to carry out projects that normally depends on public subsidy. In this case, giving life and institutionalizing a file that documents the history of the Balearic Islands throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s and that contain more than 5,000,000 images is a mammoth project which is paralyzed by day-to-day bureaucratic affairs.

The main idea is the contrast between creation and death. The impossibility of carrying out artistic tasks due to the tedious bureaucratic path imposed by the institutions.


#memory #document #souvenir #remember #bureaucracy #postal # appropriation #file #noaccestomemory #documentfragility # institution # institutionalization #kafka #memoryhistoryoblivion #paralysis #re-read #recontextualize #tourism #balearicislands
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